Belleville Washer Din 6796 / Heavy Duty Safety Washer

Details of Belleville Washer Din 6796 / Heavy Duty Safety Washer

Harsh Vijay Exim Opc Private Limited is Top Quality Belleville Washer or Heavy-Duty Safety Washer Supplier, exporter, Manufacturer & stockist. Supported by expert professionals, Harshvijay Exim OPC Private Limited, as a leading Belleville Washers supplier and exporter in India, offer our product in various sizes.

Our Belleville washers are manufactured as per DIN 6796 and are available as per customers’ requirements. Being one of the premier Belleville washers Din 6796 supplier, stockist and exporter, we offer these quality products at best market rate to our valuable customers.

Belleville Washer is also called as a Conical Washer / Conical Springs Washer, designed and developed especially for heavy bolted sections like Transformers, Rectifiers, Transmission, and many more. These Belleville washers are made for the better effect of bolt nut setting assemblies. Belleville washers primarily consists of convex disc which is supported by force at an outer periphery and another opposing force at the centre. To achieve a desired load, these washers are used as a single or in stacks. In the position of compression, our Belleville washer can generate maximum force in short spring length. It allows vibration and used to maintain a safe distance between important machine parts. Belleville washers can be used for locking purposes in the application of low dynamic load. They are used as springs or to apply pre load to bolt joint. They are used in formula one car because their ability of extreme detailed tuning. Belleville washers are also useful indicator of shrinkages made in wooden propellers of experimental aircrafts, when it is used on mounting bolts and can be detected easily.


  • Bus Bars in Transformers
  • Automobile & Heavy construction
  • Agriculture & Heavy Machineries
  • Mining & Turbine construction


Belleville Washer Din 6796